Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here we go again

Well, having tried and failed to get Satellite Internet service as a sponsorship package for the proposed American Dirt trip, I've had to lower the bar considerably for the Trans USA bicycle crossing this year. I had needed that sat coverage in order to continue to do my job as a coach and trainer and communicate with my clients on a daily basis when I was to be completely out of cell tower access and wifi accessibility. To be honest, on my dime those 2-4 hours/day of internet use that I typically put in, that would put me in the poor house in a month seeing that Sat rates average roughly $2.67/minute! Nope, love my job too much to take a chance on zero internet use for days to weeks on end out in the middle of nowhere. So..............I've decided to put American Dirt on hold and keep working on sponsorship for a 2011 or 2012 trip. Also looking for 1-2 adventurous, very fit riders to accompany me on that trip.
This summer, starting on Sunday, May 30th, I will attempt to do a solo ride across the United States, taking a very unusual northern route. I'll combine gravel backroads with asphalt highways (so I can use my computer and gain wifi access), and ride pretty much along the US-Canada border for most of the trip. The adventure will begin in Northern Maine, along the New Brunswick border. I'll have Judy and Bill tagging along for a week in my van as I ride gravel roads just south of Baxter State Park towards Northern New Hampshire and the White Mountains. The trek will continue through Northern New Hampshire and Northern Vermont. In New York I want to ride south through the Adirondack Mountains down to the PA border, into Northcentral PA and the Black Forest and then west into Ohio. I'll stop in OHI for a few days, then continue west to MI, go north to the UP of MI and follow Lake Superior west to the Canadian border in Minn. From there I'll hug the border and ride west through N. Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington. I'd like to do this thing in round about 2.5 months - we'll see!
Anyway, welcome to the Trans USA Backroads 2010 blog. Glad to be back and I hope you enjoy the journey. All the best.......pete